Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Terre Haute Children's Museum

Admittedly, we would have never visited Terre Haute if it were not for a friend recommending this CM. Either way, I'm happy we did. While both of the girls had a blast at TCM of Indianapolis the day before... This was fun. We arrived 30 minutes after opening and left 30 minutes prior to close. It was not busy which was surprising for a Saturday but there were kids to play with. 

I would highly recommend this as a fun and low key place to gather. 

Best part, it is free with the ASTC reciprocal membership and the parking on the street is free as well! 

The playscape was fantastic! 

The weather exhibit was fun! A1 enjoyed taking on the role of weather man and A2 enjoyed the snowdrifts. 

Pros: Well maintained, playful and has a variety of exhibits. Best for ages 2-9, I would guess. Free parking, ASTC reciprocal. 

Cons: Street parking requires moving the car every few hours. There may be better parking but we were told to park on the street when we called.

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