Saturday, August 30, 2014

Taking on Idaho in a Day

We decided to knock Idaho off our "to-do list" during this trip and because we were in Northern Montana visiting GNP the day before we wanted to stay near Coeur d'Alene. We started the morning with a mine tour... Considering nobody in our family has mining experience outside of Snow White's seven little buddies singing, "Heigh Ho" it was bound to be educational or insightful.

*Note: It was slightly disappointing when Athena missed the Snow White reference, yet at the same time I was relieved.

The tour company we used was the Sierra Silver Mine in Wallace, Idaho and Lenny, AKA the "Smurf" was our guide. He was funny and brought the tour to life. He had a lot of personality for someone so small, hence why he was nicknamed the Smurf. The tour touches on every aspect that went into mining from the air channels, mine shafts, equipment used, miner safety and more. It covered things which seemed obvious and many "Oh, so that's how it works." I would highly recommend The Sierra Silver Mine. The office staff was equally helpful at answering questions.

Our guide, Lenny. He may be heading back into the mines to work again.

I would be lying if I said I did not want to hijack a mine cart and sing, "Heigh ho," it is however, slightly less tempting than driving on a runaway truck ramp in the mountains.

Lex has had the same life motto going on three years, "Not impressed."

No car seats...

We arrived back safely, spinal cords intact, thanks to a great driver and few cars in sight.

As we were leaving Wallace, we needed to grab lunch... The idea was to head towards Old Mission State Park and pick up lunch along the way. There was nothing that was not fast food so we decided to head towards Coeur d'Alene and explore the town. We had lunch at the Dockside, I highly recommend for the views alone. The food was decent for a hotel restaurant.

A fun view from our table:) We took a walk around the boardwalk following lunch.

Athena has always had a strong interest in historical sites so I was a bit surprised when the Cataldo Mission was of no interest to her.

Except sarcasm and goofy smiles.

Our family did enjoy walking the grounds and viewing the graves. However, I would not recommend Old Mission State Park to friends passing through unless they have a strong interest in religious history... which we do not.

That said, it was a fun day in the area. I am interested in finding a coal mining tour to explore the differences and similarities in mining styles and we would love to visit Boise in the nearish future.

Idaho, The End

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Glacier National Park

We spent the day at Glacier National Park learning about Glaciers, erosion and  wildlife in the park. Glacier is a great park for kidlet hiking. It is estimated by 2030 there will be no glaciers left in GNP. Global warming... Climate change, either way. It's a reminder that we don't always have an endless amount of time to explore with our kids. 

*He should have tossed her in;)*

Friday, August 22, 2014

Tire 'em out

Happy Birthday to me... We celebrated my last year in the 20's by heading to a soccer game and Montana. Go Rapids?!?!?! Surprisingly, it was fun. I guess I could call myself a Rapids fan now:) Husband- pleased.

LA Galaxy won 4-3

Soccer is more exciting than pictures:)

Tuesday, August 5, 2014


We are in the process of downsizing substantially at the moment. I know people talk about how nice it is to downsize and get rid of everything but it is a challenge.

What do we keep that is sentimental? I've decided to keep the girls coming home outfits from the hospital, one other dress and their "crib" blankets. I will keep Athena's otty, and one of Lex's stuffies.

What do we need? For some reason the notion of getting rid of all of this stuff is difficult when we are physically in a house. I feel like we have more "needs" in the house when in reality, we probably would not need them on an RV.

Should I keep the clothes Lex has not grown into yet? The girls are four years apart... Keeping clothes for four years does not seem that efficient and to be honest, I have not looked through all of the clothes we have in tubs in a year. I'm sure many outfits no longer fit and were passed by.

Do we sell or donate? I know there are a myriad of community garage sale pages on facebook and other places on the interweb but I wonder if the time is worth more than the money? I'm a huge believer in saving money... I'm also a huge believer in maintaining a balance in my life. If I'm selling various things I need to create the time to meet somewhere or be at our house while people want to meet. Part of the reason we are downsizing is because we are rarely home!

To be honest, this process sucks. I'm not a fan of it but I dislike having so much "stuff."

I watch episodes of "Hoarding: Buried Alive" for motivation.

*****To be clear, our house is not dirty or cluttered but it is a good motivational booster. :)

Now if only we can implement a program to keep things from coming into our house... Hmmmm....