Sunday, October 25, 2015

This little girl is turning FOUR!

Our baby, Vagabond Kid, is turning four, which means she is not really a baby at this point but more of a small human. She has opinions, she is strong willed and is proficient in advocating for herself. She is also quiet, caring and responsible.

What a lot of people don't realize, after our three weeks on the road in 2014, we opted to travel more because of her. As a fairly introverted child she naturally stepped out of her shell on the road. I wanted to do it again this year and WOW, what a huge difference. She jumped into new situations immediately and would run off at the campgrounds to play with other kids. Now that we are back, not so much. Traveling opens her heart and mind for which I am grateful. Next year our trip will likely focus on her interests. 

Favorite food: meat, mac and cheese.
Favorite colors: pink and blue.
Favorite animal: Xiong mao, chiens and the elephant. 
Hobbies: hiking, beach bumming, skiing, dressing up like a princess, getting as dirty as possible;)

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